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ZhongKe Reflective Material Co.有限公司 was established in 2003.ZhongKe is the largest manufacturer of reflective material and reflective vest in north of Yangtze River,which is committing itself to products’ researching,designing,manufacturing,selling and servicing.

Zhongke Reflective Material Co.有限公司 specialized in reflective material safety protection products.which is committed to providing professional quality,stable quality and fashionable safety protection products for consumers around the world.Our product quality have reached the leading level in the world.We passed EN20471 international quality certification in 2003.

Our company is located in central China,strategic location, convenient transportation. Our products sell well all over the country and exported to more than 20 countries. Our company has more than 300 employees,daily output 30000pcs.

Through decades of independent development and practice by enterprise’s technological advantage. Our company gradually worked out a set of the integration model from the reflective material production to the production of reflective vest.greatly reduced the cost of product. Our company has great competitive power in the domestic market.

Facing the future,our company will be adhering the quality of life,the credibility of development,service-oriented for the enterprise spirit.Zhongke sincerely look forward to working with new and old customers work together to create brilliant.


Enterprise vision: Zhongke will be the leading position in the field of safety protection. Our products and service will be all over the world. Zhongke not only an enterprise,one product or service, but also an idea and a kind of culture..

  • Enterprise mission: We are committed to safety protection business.we use our products to protect the life.
  • Business philosophy: Innovation and model management.
  • Talent concept: create win-win atmosphere.construct the platform of staff growth.
  • Culture environment: simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship.
    Loyal and grateful humanness criterion.
    Competition and enterprising attitude.
    Concerted and cooperating group spirit.

Behavior Recognition

  1. the responsibility and obligation to customers Respect customers: listen to the opinions of customers,and keep the customer’s business secret, customer is always right.
    Create value: the development of customers as the basis of our development. Make unremitting efforts to satisfy the needs of the development of customers.
    Provide value:to customer,treating with respect,keeping their promise,rapid and accurate response to customer’s requirements, provide quality products and service with reasonable price.
  2. the responsibility and obligation to Country Do a good corporate citizenship: abidance by law,respect the local customs,carry out proper business.
    Make contributions to the society:create employment opportunities,pay taxes according to law.take part in social public welfare activities.and make contribution to society.
  3. Employees behavior standards Basic principles:proud of Zhongke,keep the attitude of honesty and fire.strict with yourself.stick to good professional ethics.make effort to preserving the honor of Zhongke and personal
    Perform duties:with policies and guidelines of Zhongke for the code of conduct.faithfully perform duties.law-abiding,to complete the duties which given by the company with best method.take good care of company’s property,never reveal company’s secrets.keep good communication and cooperation between colleagues and departments,improve work efficiency.
    Self-improvement:continuous learning, self-improvement, in pursuit of perfection.

Visual identity

ZK is short for Chinese word “ZHONGKE”, “Z” “K” closely linked.and stand for centripetal force and cohesive of Zhongke person.
Red is caution color, also stand for activity

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